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by DK42
02 Aug 2018, 05:23
Forum: Blur
Topic: Blur merch
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Re: Blur merch

I am very tempted to get one as I don't have a Blur shirt. Does anyone know the sizing? I checked the chart, but still, it's a little bit of a guess. Is it UK sizing? So a ittle smaller? I'd probably get a Medium to size up.
by DK42
14 Jun 2017, 18:31
Forum: Blur
Topic: Favourite Blur album
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Re: Favourite Blur album

Well, well, well, I think 13 is gonna my pick. It's predictable perhaps, but I just genuinely love the musical and emotional terrain that album explores. I had heard Song 2 before, like many Americans, it was their big breakout hit here. But I think Coffee & TV was what made me fall in love with the...
by DK42
23 May 2017, 03:07
Forum: Blur
Topic: Think Tank : more Blur or Gorillaz?
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Re: Think Tank : more Blur or Gorillaz?

It sounds like Blur to me. I don't quite see the Gorillaz influence, but what I love about Damon is the many places he takes his inspiration from. And Mali Music probably had some effect there. For the record, I love this album. It's not a favorite for many, but it's disjointedness works for me. It'...
by DK42
03 Jan 2017, 23:00
Forum: Blur
Topic: Is Blur a strange choice of favourite band!?
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Re: Is Blur a strange choice of favourite band!?

Interesting question, nah I don't think so at all. I love them and they're certainly one of my favorite bands as I am not quite sure if I have a single favorite. There's just a lot of music out there. It probably changes though, Radiohead is up there for me too (and they probably have been my favori...
by DK42
27 Jan 2016, 03:34
Forum: Blur
Topic: Do you have any Blur posters?
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Re: Do you have any Blur posters?

Sadly, I only got one. It's the cover art for the Blur: Best of album, but man I just love this image, it's a nice nod to Let It Be . I also appreciate the sketched/drawn look to it with the different color backgrounds. In fact, I also have a shirt with the image too, which I wear it a lot. Yup, I l...
by DK42
13 Jan 2016, 15:50
Forum: Music Is My Radar
Topic: U2
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Re: U2

I enjoy them and they're definitely a damn good band in their own right. They're certainly no slouch in the live department either. Unfortunately, after Pop, they descended into mediocrity and churned out some of the most MOR/dad rock music out there. But Achtung Baby and Zooropa are both big highli...
by DK42
13 Jan 2016, 15:43
Forum: Blur
Topic: Favorite tracks: Think Tank
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Re: Favorite tracks: Think Tank

I dig this record and it has grown on me overtime.

1) Good Song
2) Ambulance
3) On the Way to the Club
4) Brothers and Sisters
5) Sweet Song

I quite like the album as a whole, its' certainly the most Gorillaz-y, and Coxon's presence is missed, but there's plenty to enjoy here IMO.
by DK42
03 Nov 2015, 17:42
Forum: Blur
Topic: Gig: Madison Square Garden, NYC, 23 Oct 2015
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Re: Gig: New York City, 23 Oct

This was an amazing show. I took a bus from D.C. to go see it as I knew I would never get another chance to see them. I don't regret it one bit, despite all the waiting in line in the haven for rats known as Port Authority. Blur were one of my bucket list artists to see live and whenever you get an ...
by DK42
03 Nov 2015, 17:35
Forum: Blur
Topic: Favorite tracks: 13
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Re: Favorite tracks: 13

I love love love this album, it's my favorite Blur record and one of my all time favorites as well. I honestly love every track on it, it's that good and far too criminally underrated, especially when we're talking best of 90s albums. 1) Trimm Trabb 2) Coffee & TV 3) Battle 4) Swamp Song 5) B.L.U.R....
by DK42
03 Nov 2015, 17:32
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Topic: Favorite tracks: Blur
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Re: Favorite tracks: Blur

Oh man, this is tough, here goes:

1) Death of a Party
2) Strange News from Another Star
3) Beetlebum
4) You're so Great
5) Country Sad Ballad Man
by DK42
03 Nov 2015, 17:29
Forum: Blur
Topic: Damon slams Adele's new record
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Re: Damon slams Adele's new record

Yeah, I dunno. I love Damon, so I am a bit biased, but he was just being honest. I suppose he didn't have to call her insecure, but maybe that's taken out of context. I suppose it's harder from her perspective as Damon is or was one of her idols, so perhaps, she shouldn't have put him on that pedest...