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Coca-Cola Planet Live!
Austereo MCM


Released: 1996
Format: Australian Double CD Promo (pressed in Europe)
Cat. No.: PL/BL01/01-02
Approx. Value: unknown


no cassette cover available

Released: 1996
Format: Australian Cassette Promo (pressed in Europe)
Cat. No.: unknown
Approx. Value: unknown



   CD 1:
   1. The Great Escape
       It Could Be You
       Tracy Jacks
       Jingle Bells
       End Of A Century
   2. Charmless Man
       Mr. Robinson's Quango
       Mack The Knife
   3. To The End
       She's So High
       Sunday Sunday
   4. Advert
       Bank Holiday
       Supa Shoppa
       Country House

   CD 2:
   1. Girls & Boys
       He Thought Of Cars
       Globe Alone
   2. This Is A Low
       My Sharona
   3. For Tomorrow
       The Universal
   4. Interview Cut A (with Alex)
   5. Interview Cut B (with Alex)

Blur live at Wembley Arena on 13 December 1995. Austereo/MCM syndicated radio show.

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