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A graphic novel with soundtrack.
"Standard" edition cover
"Standard" edition cover. See cover for "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe" editions.
Publication Date: July or September 2021
Publisher: Z2 Comics
Number of Pages: 124

Comes in three editions: "Standard", "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe".

"Standard" edition is available in hard and softcover.

"Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe" editions come in slipcased hardcover and include three art prints. "Super Deluxe" also includes an insert signed by Graham Coxon and a special gift (TBA). "Deluxe" edition is limited to 3,000 copies and "Super Deluxe" to 500 copies.

All editions include a 15-track soundtrack by Graham Coxon (format(s) and tracklisting are currently unknown).

Official Summary:

The Superstate is everywhere, and its authority is absolute. Yoga Town is a city divided. While they wait to leave the earth, the 1% can bend reality to their will, they live in a consequence free world where anything goes. Meanwhile, the masses are pacified by a drugged out, government mandated digital dreamscape while they wait to perish on this dying planet. But there is still hope, for angels roam the earth. With their help, maybe some rebellious spirits can start to make a change. Experience 15 surreal and disturbing tales of rebellious fembots, celebrity turkey shoots, violent astral projection and an all-new take on the TV dinner.

Writer & Artist Credits:

Written by Graham Coxon, Hellen Mullane and Alex Paknadel.
Edited by Ryan Cady.
Art Prints by Koren Shadmi, Maria Llovet and Soo Lee.
Design by Courtney Menard and Tyler Boss.


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