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Love Travels At Illegal Speeds Interview Disc
Parlophone/EMI Records


Released: March 2006
Format: CD Promo
Cat. No.: COXON 03 /
0946 357182 2 5
Approx. Value: unknown

Interview conducted in London in early 2006. Produced and edited by Tony Hale and Kevin McCabe.



  01. So, did you make this new album at home in  your own studio?
  02. And is the CD 'all your own work'; or are there  other players on it?
  03. And what is your recording technique: how do  you actually go about the process?
  04. And as previously, you have Stephen Street  producing?
  05. One of the reasons that you like working with  Stephen is that he pushes you. Is that right?
  06. So, the CD is called Love Travels At Illegal  Speeds, but there isn't a track called that. So  what kind of variety of songs will we find?
  07. There are a number of love songs on the  album: as one would expect from you, love  lost rather more often that love won! But when  the singer sings 'I love you' or whatever, is
 the 'I' actually you?
  08. Would it be reasonable, having listened to the  album a few times, to argue that Graham  Coxon is feeling a bit less introspective
 on this album? That there's a bit more  outward looking?
  09. OK, let's work our way through the album,  track by track. Track 1 is Standing On My Own  Again: right back to the post punk late 70s,  Jam, Buzzcocks, Jags. It's Power Pop, isn't it?
  10. Track 2 is I Can't Look At Your Skin. The vocal  sounds a little bit like Johnny Rotten,
 I think...
  11. Next up, Don't Let Your Man Know, is a song  about illicit sex: with the singer cast as The  Other Man...
  12. The end of Don't Let Your Man Know seems to  mark a major change in emphasis on the  album. After the power pop of tracks 1 and 2,  we settle to a more melodic, easier pace on  Just a State of Mind.
  13. Track 5, You & I, is a song sung to a loved  one. But in fact, it started out being sung to  your daughter, Pepper, didn't it?
  14. Now, on Gimme Some Love, Track 6, we're  back on that post punk, power pop trail...
  15. I Don't Wanna Go Out is Track 7. Tell us  about that one.
  16. Would it be fair to describe the next track,  Don't Believe Anything I Say as auto  biographical at all?
  17. Tell It Like It Is sounds like a single. Do you  ever think about chart success and the  possibilities for your songs?
  18. Flights To The Sea (Lovely Rain) is the only  song on the album that isn't in 4/4 time.
  19. Track 11 is a terrific song. What's He Got? It's  all about seeing a good looking girl with  another guy. "Why him - not me?" Very  Graham Coxon!!
  20. You Always Let Me Down is next. And it sounds so real, I wonder, is about someone  we might know?
  21. Tell us about the last track 'See A Better Day'.


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