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Graham Coxon
Compilation/Other Appearances 1990s

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Releases on yellow background include a track that is exclusive to the release.


Vegas (single by Sleeper)
Released: 27 March 1995
Format(s): CD, Ltd 7", 12"
Cat. No.: SLEEP008CD, SLEEP008T
Featured track(s): Vegas (feat. Graham on saxophone)

Graham is credited as Morgan C. Hoax.

cover Nuisance (album by Menswear)
Released: 21 September 1995
Format(s): CD
Cat. No.: 8286762
Featured track(s): unknown

Features Graham as Morgan C Hoax in the 'thank you' notes.

cover Noise Vision 80 (single by Assembly Line People Program)
Released: 9 March 1998
Format(s): Ltd 7"
Cat. No.: TRAN001
Featured track(s): Noise Vision 80 (Produced by Graham)

Limited to 1,000 copies.

cover Angel (single by Massive Attack)
Released: 13 July 1998
Cat. No.: WBRCD10
Featured track(s): Angel (Blur Remix) (by Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon)
cover Critical Gate (single by Assembly Line People Program)
Released: 27 July 1998
Format(s): Ltd 7"
Cat. No.: TRAN004
Featured track(s): Critical Gate (Produced by Graham)

Limited to 1,000 copies (?)

cover Sounds Of Parlophone/Food/Transcopic
Released: 7 August 1998
Format(s): Japanese CD Promo
Cat. No.: TOCP-50658
Featured track(s): Who The Fuck?
cover Subdivision of Being (album by Assembly Line People Program)
Released: 4 September 1998
Format(s): CD, Vinyl
Cat. No.: TRANCD006, TRANLP006
Featured track(s): Ambiguity Of Crowds; In Need Of Language; Red Line Observation; Machine Gets Oil; Critical Gate; From Him, Another; Dover Butterfly; Noise Vision 80; A.L.P.P.; Selective Perception - Notion Implanted

All tracks produced by Graham.

cover Root (album by Thurston Moore)
Released: 12 October 1998
Format(s): CD
Cat. No.: LCD11
Featured track(s): 101% (Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon Mix)
cover Rock Sound Sampler Vol. 8
Released: December 1998
Format(s): Italian CD
Cat. No.: RSCDI008
Featured track(s): I Wish

Free with the Italian edition of Rock Sound.

cover Be Rock II
Released: 1998
Format(s): Greek CD
Cat. No.: 7243 4 98388 2 6
Featured track(s): I Wish
cover Heavy High (album by Liz Horsman)
Released: 12 April 1999
Format(s): CD
Cat. No.: FOODCD27
Featured track(s): This Is Blue (feat. Graham on guitars)

The track is also available on a special NME/Parlophone CD (released in 1998, cat. no. NME 001)

cover Fabulous Shit
Released: 27 September 1999
Format(s): CD
Cat. No.: LCD14
Featured track(s): 101% (Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon Mix)
no cover
HMV Playlist CD (?)
Released: 1990s
Format(s): CD
Cat. No.: unknown
Featured track(s): unknown

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