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A+E liner notes

Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Drums: Graham Coxon.

Synthesiser and Cow Bell on "Meet And Drink And Pollinate", Organ (with Graham) on "Seven Naked Valleys", Juno 6 and Bass Drum on "What'll It Take": Ben Hillier.

Screams on "Running For Your Life": Essy Syed, Pepper Coxon, Lucy Parnell, Tanyel Vahdettin, Sabira Hud, Poppy & The Jezebels.


Written by Graham Coxon.

Produced by Ben Hillier for 140db Management.

Mixed by Ben Hillier.

Engineer: Ferg Peterkin. Assistant engineers: Matt Wiggins, Joe Rodgers.

Mastered by Bunt Stafford-Clark, Pierce Rooms London.

Recorded at The Pool.

Front cover image by Graham. Other photos by Tom Beard. Photo manipulation by Graham.

Thanks: Ben Hillier, Ferg Peterkin, Matt Wiggins, Joe Rodgers, Fender Guitars, Suzi Grossman, Niamh Byrne, Regine Moylett, Sabira Hud, Pep, Essy, Frankie, Miles Leonard, Kevin McCabe, Rob Owen.

Bonus DVD Credits:

All DVD footage directed by Charlie Targett-Adams & produced by William Nichols. Track-by-track, photoshoot behind the scenes and live footage edited by Jamie Carter.

Live from The Cockpit, Leeds: Recorded by David "Skippi" Loudoun, assisted by Joe Adams, MJ & Andy Shepherd. Mixed by David "Skippi" Loudoun at DMZ Studios for DMZlive.com.

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