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"Stylo" video credits

Directed by Jamie Hewlett and co-directed by Pete Candeland.
Produced by Zombie Flesh Eaters with animation by Passion Pictures and live action by HSI Productions.

Production company: Zombie Flesh Eaters
Director: Jamie Hewlett
Producer: Cara Speller
Editor: Seb Monk

Live action production company: HSI Productions
Executive Producer: Nicola Doring
Producer: Dawn Rose
Production Supervisor: Nathan Stoebner
1st AD: Paul Laurens
2nd Unit, 1st AD: Rudy Van Zyl
2nd AD: Brian Galligan
2nd Unit, 2nd AD: Dawn Bridgewater
Asst Production Supervisor: Varsi Amerian
Asst Production Co-ordinator: Eric Wolfson
DOP: Steve Chivers
DOP 2nd Unit: Simon Thirlaway
1st AC: Rudy Salas
2nd AC: Nicole Martinez
1st AC, 2nd Unit: John Scivoletto
DIT Technician A Unit: Brendan Dolson
DIT Technician B Unit: Roham Rohmani
B.B. Electric A Unit: Steve Francis
Electric A Unit: Victor Major
Gaffer B Unit: Richard Tibbetts
B.B. Electric B Unit: Richard Smart
Electric Driver: Adam Flores
Key Grip: Steve Chase
B.B. Grip: Scott Chase
Dolly Grip: Colby Dunford
Grips: Shun Goldin, Curtis Brown
Grip Driver: Tracy Satterfield
Production Designer: Dave Wilson
Lead Man: John Selmo
Set Dresser: Atsushi Ushimaru
Shopper: Taylor Williams
Art PA: Dave Young
Picture Car Handler: Phil Fiore
Picture Car Mechanics: c/o Picture Car Warehouse
VTR A Unit: Tony Bollas
VTR B Unit: Monty Buckles
Location Manager: Kelley Baker
Craft Service: Curtis Livingston
Medic: Cliff Shaumloeffel
Ambulance: AMR
Gang Boss/Pass Van: Brian Mullen
Production Moho: Ronny Mendez
Pass Van 2: Leo Landa
Pass Van 3: Doug Boes
Pass Van 4: Bill Isaacson
Talent Moho: Joe Baker
Wardrobe Stylist: Brandy St John
Asst Wardrobe: Fanny Adams
Makeup: Stella Tzanidakis, Brenda Green
Stunt Coordinator: Chuck Picerni
Precision Drivers: John Clay Scott, Larry Rippenkorger
Stunt Riggers: Mike Washlake, Rico Burgos
Special FX: Wayne Beauchamp, Kevin Beauchamp, Darren Beauchamp
Special FX Mask: Mike Rossi
Gun Handler: Mike Tristano
Ultimate Arm Driver: Steve Hassenpflug
Ultimate Arm Tech: Mark Anderson
Ultimate Arm Crane Op: David Butckoyich
Camera Car Driver: Craig Conaway
Production PA's: Darby Gwinn, Chris Kessler, Mike Wong, Chris Piper, Jason Mandl, Luke Maxcy, Ed Settle, Will Griffin, Kendall Foote

Policeman: Jason Nott
Boogie Man: Chris Freeman
Bruce Willis as himself

Animation & FX production company: Passion Pictures
Co-Director / 2nd Unit Director: Pete Candeland
Producer: Debbie Crosscup
Producer: Doireann de Buitlear
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands
Head of CG: Jason Nicolas
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
Technical Director: Julian Hodgson
CG Modelling: Mario Ucci, Mattias Bjurstrom, Ian Brown
Texture/Shading: Mario Ucci, Melanie Climent, Sally Wilson
Rigging: Chris Dawson
CG Animation Supervisor: Wes Coman
CG Animation: Cath Brooks, Kristian Antonelli, Dominic Griffiths, Isabel Auphan, Stuart Doig
Lighting/Render: Rick Thiele, Claire Michaud, Yann Benedi, Celine Desrumaux, Quentin Vien, Guillaume Cassuto
CG FX: Jamie Franks, Sajjad Amjad
Compositor: Niamh Lines, Johnny Still, Dave Lea
Tracking: Andy Peel, Michael Sofoluke
Roto Artists: Victor Perez, Aymeric Percival, Tom Castellani
Editor: Fiona de Souza, Tim King
Flame Work: Munky

Additional CG animation: James Coore at Zulu Studios

HD Telecine: Rushes
Grading in Resolve: Adrian Seery
Data Conform in Flame: Adam Watson
Post Production Producer: Calvin Cunningham

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