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"On Melancholy Hill" video credits

Directed by Jamie Hewlett and co-directed by Pete Candeland.
Produced by Zombie Flesh Eaters with animation by Passion Pictures.

Production company: Zombie Flesh Eaters
Director: Jamie Hewlett
Producer: Cara Speller
Editor: Seb Monk

Animation & FX production company: Passion Pictures
Co-Director: Pete Candeland
Producer: Debbie Crosscup
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands
2D Animation Director: Robert Valley
2D Animator: Daryl Graham, Pete Dodd, Yuriy Sivers
2D Layout: Nelson Yokota De Paula Lima
2D Assistant: Jay Wren, Gerry Gallego, Tabbi O'Connell, Simon Swales
2D FX: Dave Headd, Giles Dill, Tim Divall, Kim Rabbitt, Michael Sofoluke
Ink & Paint: Megs White Dore
2D Coordination: Tony Clarke
Head of CG: Jason Nicholas
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
CG Modeling: Ian Brown, Matthias Bjurstrom, Mario Ucci
Texture/Shading: Ian Brown, Gabriel Loques, Melanie Climent, Claire Michaud
Rigging: Chris Dawson, Francois Pons
CG Animation Supervisor: Wes Coman
CG Animation: Chris Welsby, Isabel Auphan, Sandra Guarda, Alice Holme
CG Lighting Supervisor: Harry Bardak
Lighting/Render: Claire Michaud, Guillaume Cassuto, John Uriarte
CG FX: Jamie Franks, Sajjad Amjad, Jayson King
Composite: Johnny Still, Niamh Lines, David Lea, James Butler
Matte Painting: Max Dennison
Editor: Lee Gingold, Tim King

Post production: The Moving Picture Company
Colorist: Paul Harrison
Producer: Josh King

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