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The making of Gorillaz' Song Machine - comments



Damon Albarn
" We've got around six episodes in the bag."

Damon Albarn in early February 2020 (source: Beats 1).

Saiph Graves of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
" A lot of stuff is in the works right now. They [Damon Albarn and co.] space out how they work on records... It will be a while before the [Gorillaz] record comes out. But yeah, Hypnotic will be on there."

Saiph Graves of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, apparently in January 2020 (source: Gorillaz-Unofficial Fanzine).


Moonchild Sanelly
" Done! As in we have and it's coming!"

Moonchild Sanelly in late November 2019, replying to a fan's question about her collaboration with Gorillaz  (source: Moonchild Sanelly's Twitter).

" Be seeing you and the machine REAL soon."

Russel sends his greetings to Gorillaz from Mexico, September 2019 (source: Gorillaz' Facebook and Twitter).

Damon Albarn Unofficial
" According to the local news website Qui Como, Damon, Jamie, Fatoumata and Remi have been filming a music video for a new Gorillaz song recorded yesterday."

Damon Albarn Unofficial on 27th September 2019 (source: Damon Albarn Unofficial / Qui Como).

Fatoumata Diawara
" Today in the lake of Como with my brother Damon Albarn and @hewll!!"

Fatoumata Diawara on 27th September 2019 (source: Fatoumata's Instagram).

Moonchild Sanelly
" They're finishing the album so Dancing Dancing Dancing"

Moonchild Sanelly on 10th September 2019 (source: Moonchild Sanelly's Twitter).

Guilty Beatz
" Studio session with Gorillaz."

Guilty Beatz on 18th July 2019 (source: Guilty Beatz' Twitter).

Peven Everett
" Much more to come from Gorillaz."

Peven Everett on 8th August 2019 (source: Peven's Twitter).

Jamie Hewlett
" The TV series has morphed into something else, something much bigger. It's going to take a while but it's happening."

Jamie Hewlett in July 2019 (source: Jamie's Instagram Stories).

Damon Albarn
" I just love the adventure of music every day. I mean this week - a week when I haven't done anything else - I've done a tune with Massive Attack, I've done a tune with Moonchild, I've done a tune with Joan As Police Woman. That's the way it goes. When I open the shop, anyone can come in - as long as they want to embrace the fundamentals of making music, which are an open spirit and a good ear."

Damon Albarn in July 2019 (source: Huck).


Joe Spurgeon of The Horrors
" When Gorillaz call you, you come. Joe playing Whitechapel bells at Damon Albarn's Studio 13."

The Horrors on 28th December 2018 (source: The Horrors' Instagram).

Damon Albarn
" I have another one [Gorillaz album] as well, but I know I'm not gonna be allowed to even think about recording or putting it out this year. [...] It's there. If I get the time, or if anyone wants it, it's there."

Damon Albarn on 16th August 2018 (source: FM4).

Many thanks to Damon Albarn Unofficial, Blur Mex and the folks of Gorillaz Reddit
for keeping us updated with the latest comments.

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