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Rhinestone Eyes

Not released commercially. The single got cancelled after EMI refused to fund the promo video for the song.

 Physical Promos

US CD Promo
509996 29571 2 0
Jun 2010
Virgin Records
Approx. value: ?

US CD Promo
Card sleeve

1. Rhinestone Eyes
2. Rhinestone Eyes (Instrumental)

 Web Remix Promos
2 May 2011

Also uploaded on Boemklatsch's YouTube.

Screenshot taken in May 2011.
Rhinestone Eyes (Boemklatsch Remix) *

* Please note: While the artist was given permission to remix the track, Gorillaz may not have fully approved it (hence not distributing it themselves).

Rhinestone Eyes: Written & Performed by Gorillaz. Produced by Gorillaz. Recorded by Jason Cox & Stephen Sedgwick. Programming by Stephen Sedgwick. Mixed by Jason Cox at Studio 13. Recorded at Studio 13. Mastered by Howie Watkins at Beat 13. Additional Drums: Gabriel Manuals Wallace. Additional Vocals: Field recording at The Shrine, Lagos, Nigeria (2008).

All artwork & design by J.C. Hewlett & Zombie Flesh Eaters.


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