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Gorillaz App
Warner Music


Released: 10 April 2017
Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android application
Cat. No.: none
Approx. Value: none


   Virtual Spirit House (a.k.a. Gorillaz
House) including exclusive content:

 * Humanz House Party on April 21-23:
 the premiere of the album in 500
 locations around the world
 * The instrumental loop of "Busted And Blue"
 * Lyric sheets for Humanz songs
 * 360 live videos from the upcoming gigs
 * More content to be added later

A free 'mixed-reality' app for Apple and Android mobile devices. Released worldwide on the iTunes App Store and Google Play to accompany/promote Humanz album. Requires iOS 9.3 or Android 5.0 (or later).

Another app, the more commercially-oriented The Lenz, was released on 19th April 2017. The app shows Gorillaz content when the smartphone's camera is pointed at magenta colour.

Both apps are powered by Telekom Electronic Beats.

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