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Plastic Beach

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Released: 8 March 2010

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Highest UK Chart Position: 2

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CD "Standard" Cat. No. 626 1662
CD+DVD "Experience" 626 1672 (10*)
Double Vinyl 626 1661

US CD "Standard" 5099962754729 (8)
US CD+DVD "Experience" 5099962754828
Double Vinyl unknown

Asian Countries
Japanese CD "Standard" TOCP-66951
Japanese CD+DVD "Experience"
Japanese reissued CD WPCR-80060
Korean CD EKPD-1547
Taiwanese CD I0477
Taiwanese CD+DVD "Experience"

Other Countries & Formats
Ltd Double Vinyl Picture Discs
Double CD "2CD Originals - Limited Edition"

Download (Reissue)
HD Download (from 2016)
iTunes LP "Deluxe"

*Approx. value

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone / EMI Records
US: Virgin Records
Japan: EMI Music Japan
Japan reissue: Warner Music Japan
Korea: EMI Records Korea
Gold Typhoon
Ltd Double Vinyl Picture Discs: Parlophone / Warner Records

Superfast Jellyfish
"Superfast Jellyfish" was a radio-only
single from Plastic Beach.


   01. Orchestral Intro
   02. Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach
   03. White Flag
   04. Rhinestone Eyes
   05. Stylo
   06. Superfast Jellyfish
   07. Empire Ants
   08. Glitter Freeze
   09. Some Kind Of Nature
   10. On Melancholy Hill
   11. Broken
   12. Sweepstakes
   13. Plastic Beach
   14. To Binge
   15. Cloud Of Unknowing
   16. Pirate Jet

Bonus DVD contains:

* The Making Of Plastic Beach documentary

* Extra track in the Japanese version: "Pirate's Progress". Also contains stickers and a poster.

* "Experience" edition contains access to the exclusive web content including wallpapers, screensavers, Escape To Plastic Beach game and live videos*

* iTunes LP "Deluxe" edition contains two extra tracks: "Pirate's Progress" and "Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons", plus storybook, videos, Fish Tank game and other extra stuff. Also contains access to wallpapers, screensavers and live videos*. The pre-orders included a free download of "Stylo".

* "Standard" edition comes with a web link to the digital album booklet and wallpapers.

* "Standard" and "Experience" editions were also sold with a T-shirt.

* Reissued download includes "Doncamatic" as a bonus track.

* Double CD "2CD Originals - Limited Edition" contains The Fall album.

Note: For more precise details between different editions, please see Plastic Beach bonus contents chart.

* Videos from the Roundhouse gig (30 Apr 2010): "Kids With Guns", "Last Living Souls", "O Green World" and "Rhinestone Eyes".

Liner notes

Credits inside the album booklet.

  • The album started off in 2007 as Carousel which was a cancelled follow-up project to Monkey: Journey To The West. Damon Albarn wrote around 70 songs for the project.
  • Fictionally, Plastic Beach is a floating South Pacific island consisting of debris of humanity. Damon got the idea of the concept by looking at the beach rubbish near his Devon home.
  • Acts who contributed to the recording sessions, but didn't make it to the final album included The Horrors and Mz Streamz. Barry Gibb was also to appear on the record, but cancelled his studio session at the last minute.
  • The first single "Stylo" was the 15th most-searched-for phrase on Google on the day of its leak (20 January 2010).
  • Bruce Willis appears in the promo video for "Stylo". The video broke the record for a music video premiered on YouTube with 900,000 hits in the first 24 hours.
  • Eddy Grant accused that "Stylo" is copied from his 1983 song "Time Warp".
  • Although not credited, Paul Simonon is probably playing on some of the tracks. He's seen playing the bass on "White Flag" and "Sweepstakes" in The Making Of Plastic Beach documentary.
  • Total running time (UK ver.): 56:55

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