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New Gorillaz album (2018)


Album title: unknown

Estimated release date:
Late May - June 2018


 *  Damon Albarn
 *  Remi Kabaka (?)


 *  From the early 2017 (?)
 *  On the Humanz world tour 2017
 *  February - March 2018

Guest artists:

 *  Jamie Principle
 *  Snoop Dogg
 *  Abra (possible)
 *  Flume (possible)
 *  Little Simz (possible)
 *  Mike Will Made It (possible)
 *  Usher (on the wishlist)

Possible songs to be included on the album:

   Hollywood (feat. Jamie Principle
and Snoop Dogg)
   Garage Palace (feat. Little Simz)
   Sleeping Powder

" We'll have a new album in two months time."

Damon Albarn at the Asuncionico festival in Paraguary on 27th March 2018.

" It's a whole new phase."

Denholm Hewlett on 21st March 2018 (source: Denholm's Instagram)

" G is the magic number! Another busy day in the studio."

Jamie Hewlett on 3rd March 2018 (source: Jamie's Instagram)

" We had a penthouse in Hollywood overlooking downtown L.A. and we did this tune called "Hollywood" with Jamie Principle, who just sang on the balcony in the sunset. And then we called up Snoop Dogg..."

Damon Albarn in November 2017 (source: Reprezent)

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