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The Fall

'Musical diary' from Gorillaz' 2010 North American tour.


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Released: 25 December 2010 /
18 April 2011

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Highest UK Chart Position: 12

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CD Cat. No. 5099909758827
Ltd RSD Vinyl 5099909758810 *
CD Promo 5099909831421

US CD 5099909758827
US Ltd RSD Vinyl 0190295565275

Asian Countries
Japanese CD TOCP-66952
Japanese reissued CD WPCR-80061
Korean CD EKPD-1587
Taiwanese CD I0499

Other Countries & Formats
Free Download (for Sub Division)
HD Download (from 2016)

* Shipped worldwide.

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone / EMI Records
US: Virgin Records
US (for RSD vinyl): Warner Bros. Records
Japan: EMI Music Japan
Japan reissue: Warner Music Japan
Korea: EMI Music Korea
Gold Typhoon


   01. Phoner To Arizona
   02. Revolving Doors
   03. Hillbilly Man
   04. Detroit
   05. Shy-town
   06. Little Pink Plastic Bags
   07. The Joplin Spider
   08. The Parish Of Space Dust
   09. The Snake In Dallas
   10. Amarillo
   11. The Speak It Mountains
   12. Aspen Forest
   13. Bobby In Phoenix
   14. California & The Slipping Of  The Sun
   15. Seattle Yodel

* The CD + Art Print bundle includes a limited art print designed by Jamie Hewlett. It was sold only through Gorillaz' online store.

* The Record Store Day vinyl (2011) is numbered and limited to about 10,000 copies. The US RSD vinyl (2019) is limited to 4,500 copies.

* Japanese edition features a poster and an extended booklet including a tour map.

* The free download for Sub Division comes with a printable booklet and

disc label.

Liner notes

Credits inside the album booklet.


Gorillaz - Sub Division
The album was first given away as a Christmas present for Sub Division fan club members (as an MP3 download). Non-members were able to stream the album on thefall.gorillaz.com.

  • Having a similar concept as Damon Albarn's Democrazy, The Fall was recorded during free time on Gorillaz' North American tour in autumn 2010. All tracks were recorded using an iPad and some additional instruments.
  • "I literally wrote everything on the day in each place and there's a strange sort of sound of America and its musical traditions that comes through. It feels like a journey through America," said Damon.
  • On the tour, Damon and Pharrell Williams spent some time in the studio together (Williams' band N.E.R.D was then supporting Gorillaz), but unfortunately their collaboration didn't make it onto the record.
  • Total running time: 43:27

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