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Released: 19 November 2007

All release dates

Highest UK Chart Position: 63
Highest US Chart Position: 166


Double CD Cat. No. 510 5452 (£8*)
Double CD "Deluxe Edition"
510 5582

US Double CD 50999 510545 2 6
US Double CD "Deluxe Edition"

50999 510558 2 0

Other Countries & Formats
Japanese Double CD TOCP-66746-7
Japanese Double CD "Deluxe Edition"
Chinese Double CD A3198-2[L]
Ltd RSD Triple Vinyl 0190295307745
HD Download (from 2016)

*Approx. value

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone / EMI Records
US: Virgin Records
Japan: Toshiba / EMI Records Japan
China: unknown

Album's booklet features sketches
drawn by Jamie Hewlett.


   CD 1:
   01. 68 State
   02. People
   03. Hongkongaton
   04. We Are Happy Landfill
   05. Hong Kong (Reworked*)
   06. Highway (Under Construction)
   07. Rockit
   08. Bill Murray
   09. The Swagga
   10. Murdoc Is God
   11. Spitting Out The Demons
   12. Don't Get Lost In Heaven
 (Original Demo Version)
   13. Stop The Dams

   CD 2:
   01. DARE (DFA Remix)
   02. Feel Good Inc (Stanton
 Warriors Remix)
   03. Kids With Guns (Jamie T's
 Turns To Monsters Mix)
   04. DARE (Soulwax Remix)
   05. Kids With Guns (Hot Chip
   06. El Mañana (Metronomy Remix)
   07. DARE (Junior Sanchez Remix)
   08. Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese
 New Year Remix)
   09. Kids With Guns (Quiet Village

* Hong Kong is not labelled as "Reworked" version.

* "Deluxe Edition" comes in a special package and contains stickers and picture cards.

* Bonus tracks on the standard Japanese version: "Samba At 13" and "Film Trailer Music". Also contains a video for "Rock It". Please note that the Japanese "Deluxe Edition" doesn't contain any bonus tracks nor videos.

* Bonus track on download: "Hong Kong (Live at Manchester Opera House)". The track was initially only available on iTunes.

* Bonus track on the US iTunes and Amazon MP3 store: "Feel Good Inc (Sarm Studios Session)".

* Chinese version doesn't feature "Hong Kong", "We Are Happy Landfill" and the remixes of "Kids With Guns".

* The Record Store Day vinyl, released in August 2020, is limited to 15,000 copies.

Some of the tracks have been slightly renamed on the compilation:

* We Are Happy Landfill = originally known as Happy Landfill
* Rockit = Rock It
* Jamie T's Turns To Monsters Mix = Jamie T Turn To Monsters
* Junior Sanchez Remix = JRSNCHZ Blocrokxtra Mix
* Sarm Studios Session = Live on Demon Detour

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