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Demon Days

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Released: 23 May 2005

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Highest UK Chart Position: 1

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CD Cat. No. 311 6912 (£8*)
Ltd CD+DVD 474 4070 (£15)
Double Vinyl 873 8381 (£60)
CD Promo unknown

US CD 7243 8 73838 2 1
US Ltd CD+DVD 7243 4 77304 0 5
US Ltd Red Double Vinyl - "Vinyl Me, Please"
Edition 190295859992

Japanese CD TOCP-66380
Japanese Ltd CD+DVD TOCP-66381
Japanese CD (2nd Edition) TOCP-66466
Japanese CD "Premium Edition"
TOCP-66534 **
Japanese reissued CD WPCR-80059

Asian Countries (excl. Japan)
Asian CD+VCD 0094631169120
Taiwanese CD 311 6882
Taiwanese Ltd CD+DVD 0724347441301
Taiwanese Cassette 724387383845
Thailand Cassette unknown
Malaysian CD 094631168826
Chinese CD unknown

Other Countries & Formats
European CD 311 6882
European Ltd CD+DVD 474 4140
European reissued Double Vinyl
Ltd Double Vinyl Picture Discs
Double CD "2CD Originals - Limited Edition"

HD Download (from 2016)

*Approx. value

** "Premium Edition" was also manufactured and sold in Europe and Australia (Cat. No. 3578082).

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone / EMI Records
US: Virgin Records
US "Vinyl Me, Please" Edition: Warner Bros. Records / Warner Music
Japan: Toshiba / EMI Records Japan
Japan reissue: Warner Music Japan
Asia: unknown
Taiwan: EMI Records Taiwan
Thailand: unknown
Malaysia: unknown
China: unknown
Europe reissue: Warner Bros. Records / Warner Music
Ltd Double Vinyl Picture Discs: Parlophone / Warner Records


   01. Intro
   02. Last Living Souls
   03. Kids With Guns
   04. O Green World
   05. Dirty Harry
   06. Feel Good Inc
   07. El Mañana
   08. Every Planet We Reach Is
   09. November Has Come
   10. All Alone
   11. White Light
   12. DARE
   13. Fire Coming Out Of The
Monkey's Head
   14. Don't Get Lost In Heaven
   15. Demon Days

Bonus DVD contains:

* The Swagga (Exclusive audio track)
 Feel Good Inc (Video)
 Feel Good Inc ('The making of' animatic)
 Feel Good Inc (Audio commentary from
 the band)
 Gorillaz Talent Quest (G Bite animation)
 Gorillaz On Set (G Bite animation)

Also features access to unlock secret parts of Gorillaz.com, including exclusive wallpapers and screensaver, and free download of bonus track "Happy Landfill".

* Extra track in the Japanese version: "68 State" (Japanese 2nd edition: "People").

* "Premium Edition" features "Hong Kong (Live at Manchester Opera House)" as a bonus track. Also includes a sticker sheet.

* Asian VCD includes videos for "Feel Good Inc" and "DARE".

* Double CD "2CD Originals - Limited Edition" contains Gorillaz album.

Liner notes

Credits inside the album booklet.


Gorillaz during the Demon Days era.
Gorillaz during the Demon Days era.

  • Demon Days was premiered at a special listening party at the SXSW festival on 17th March 2005. At the festival, Damon Albarn told MTV News that the album "kind of tells a story of the night and staying up during the night - but it's also a bit of an allegory for the world, in a state of night." Danger Mouse continued: "It wasn't a very conscious thing, it's just when you get to the end of the record you saw the concept there. It wasn't something that was planned."
  • The third single "Dirty Harry" was originally planned to be the lead-off single from the album, but apparently the record company had other ideas...
  • Compared to the debut album, there are many guest appearances on Demon Days, but interestingly, none of the debut album's collaborators are present.
  • The album scored 82/100 at Metacritic, making it critically better than the debut album (71), Plastic Beach (77), The Fall (67), Humanz (77) and The Now Now (73).
  • The album's front cover design reminds of The Beatles' Let It Be.
  • Total running time (UK ver.): 50:51

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