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Live From SoHo EP

3 Apr 2007
1. Intro / History Song
2. Herculean
3. Behind The Sun
4. Nature Springs
5. Three Changes

All tracks recorded live at the Apple Store in New York City on 12th March 2007. The EP is available exclusively on iTunes (part of iTunes' Live From SoHo EP series).


Cover from 2008 to circa 2016
Cover from 2008 to circa 2016

All tracks: Vocals and keyboards: Damon Albarn. Bass and backing vocals: Paul Simonon. Guitar and backing vocals: Simon Tong. Drums: Tony Allen. Keyboards: Mike Smith. Cello: Isabelle Dunn. Violins: Antonia Pagulatos and Kotono Sato. Viola: Stella Page.

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