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Comments about the upcoming The Good, The Bad & The Queen album



" Damon told me they'd finished mixing the new The Good, The Bad & The Queen album last week, but it won't be out until the Autumn."

A fan who met Damon on 18th May 2018 (source:  Veikko's Blur Page's Forum).

Tony Visconti
" Recording a large choir in Penrhyn Castle, North Wales. Glorious! Ethereal!"

Tony Visconti on 12th May 2018 (source:  Tony's Facebook).

Paul Simonon
" Yes - we're going in the studio to finish something we started last year. And this time we've got Tony Visconti on board, and we've got the month of May booked out totally. Damon just said to me last year, "Look - if we don't get a producer, we're going to end up with another 10 years with, like, another 50 songs." So we're just going to finish the record and hopefully it'll be out round about September or October."

Paul Simonon in March 2018 (source:  Vogue).


Tony Visconti
" We're about two thirds of the way through and taking a break, as Damon is off on a Gorillaz tour, but we will resume in April and it will probably be out before next Christmas. It's a great album and I think people will be very impressed with it."

Tony Visconti in December 2017 (source:  The Irish Times).

Damon Albarn
" We've got pretty much all the songs and recorded all the backing tracks but I'm just emoting over it at the moment. I can hear what I'm saying kind of, a bit, but it's still a bit unintelligible."

Damon Albarn in late October 2017 (source: Beats 1).

Damon Albarn
" I've been recording The Good, The Bad & The Queen album while I've been home. I've been working with Tony Visconti. He's responsible for some of my favourite records, so that's been really enlightening and inspirational. It's an ode to the North of England, bizarrely. It's sort of set in between Starr Gate and Uncle Tom's Cabin [in Blackpool], if you want to be geographically precise."

Damon Albarn in late October 2017 (source: Beats 1).

Damon Albarn
" (What are you looking forward to next year?) The new The Good, The Bad & The Queen album, produced with Tony Visconti. I'm doing it at the moment. We have another session and we've done two weeks previously. Is he bringing something different? Of course! It's Tony Visconti, it's fucking awesome. And it's the same line-up as last time around."

Damon Albarn on 18th October 2017 (source: Q).

Tony Visconti
" I've met up with Damon Albarn and we're in talks - that's looking bright and sunny."

Tony Visconti in late summer 2017 (source:  Songwriting Magazine).

Le Soleil
" The supergroup will enter the studio in early September with producer Tony Visconti."

Le Soleil reveals the band's future plans on 15th July 2017.

Damon Albarn
" I'm doing another record with The Good, The Bad & The Queen. We're doing that in May. That's not GarageBand at all. That's just the four of us playing live, straight on the floor. I see The Good, The Bad & The Queen record as being a soul version of Parklife. It's stories about Britain - as it is now. We've been up in Blackpool. That's where I've been getting my energy for that."

Damon Albarn in April 2017 (source:  Rolling Stone).

Damon Albarn
" Brexit has obviously given us a wonderful starting point."

Damon Albarn talks about the inspiration behind the new GBQ album in early 2017 (source:  Q).



The Sydney Morning Herald
" Damon Albarn is trying to find time to record a new The Good, The Bad & The Queen album, which he says is fully written."

On 17th October 2014, The Sydney Morning Herald reveals Damon's plans for the new GBQ record.

Many thanks to Blur Mex and Damon Albarn Unofficial
for keeping us updated with the latest comments.

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