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The Good, The Bad & The Queen - new album


Album title: unknown

Estimated release date:

November - December 2018 NEW!

Band lineup:

 *  Damon Albarn (vocals)
 *  Paul Simonon (bass)
 *  Simon Tong (guitar)
 *  Tony Allen (drums)

Producer: Tony Visconti

Additional musicians:

 *  Cr y Penrhyn (choir)


 *  May 2017 (?)
 *  September - October 2017
 *  May - July 2018

Tracklist / new songs to be included on the album:


" I'm just trying to finish the new The Good, The Bad & The Queen record, which we're gonna put out before the end of this year. [...] I totally want to make this record right."

Damon Albarn in July 2018 (source: Kyle Meredith With... Damon Albarn).

" It's the best record I've ever made."

Damon Albarn in June 2018 (source: Rolling Stone (French edition)).

" Yes - we're going in the studio to finish something we started last year. And this time we've got Tony Visconti on board, and we've got the month of May booked out totally."

Paul Simonon in March 2018 (source:  Vogue).

" It's an ode to the North of England, bizarrely. It's sort of set in between Starr Gate and Uncle Tom's Cabin [in Blackpool], if you want to be geographically precise."

Damon Albarn in October 2017 (source:  Beats 1).

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