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Merrie Land

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Released: 16 November 2018

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Highest UK Chart Position: TBA

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CD Cat. No. STUDIO13CD001 /
Vinyl STUDIO13LP001 /
Ltd Green Vinyl STUDIO13LPX /
Ltd Vinyl Box Set "Deluxe" unknown
Ltd Vinyl Box Set "Super Deluxe" unknown

Record label:

Studio 13


   01. Introduction
   02. Merrie Land
   03. Gun To The Head
   04. Nineteen Seventeen
   05. The Great Fire
   06. Lady Boston
   07. Drifters & Trawlers
   08. The Truce Of Twilight
   09. Ribbons
   10. The Last Man To Leave
   11. The Poison Tree

* Ltd CD Book edition is a 56-page hardback book containing CD, sheet music, lyrics and artwork.

* "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe" box sets include the same book as described above, plus postcards, a screen print and four downloadable bonus tracks (TBA). "Super Deluxe" box set comes with ribbons and a limited hand-printed wood cut print by Paul Simonon.

* Currently, the box sets are exclusive to the official GBQ webstore. "Deluxe" edition is priced at 80 and limited to 1,000 copies. "Super Deluxe" is priced at 150 and limited to 300 copies. (Originally, "Deluxe" edition cost 120 and "Super Deluxe" 250. The price was reduced around a week before the album's release.)

* Pre-orders featured an immediate download of the singles:

   * Merrie Land (available from Oct 23)
   * Gun To The Head (Nov 5)

Liner notes
Credits inside the album booklet.


  • Described as "a reluctant goodbye letter to the EU", Merrie Land was strongly inspired by the unexpected result of the UK's EU referendum. The album examines how the Britishness has changed in recent years and how the country will unite again.
  • Many of the songs refer to the history of the Great Britain: "You need to know what your country is before you want it back. And part of that is understanding who we are. We're Vikings. We're Anglo-Saxons. We're French, Belgian, Nigerian, Caribbean, Ghanian, Somalian, Pakistani," Damon told The Guardian. "Don't limit yourself, guys. We need to be very outward-looking. That's why we have all those piers [in Blackpool where the recording started]. That's a kind of metaphor for trying to reach out into the world."
  • During the album's making, Veikko's Blur Page gathered comments from the people who were involved in the project.
  • "Lady Boston" is a song about a woman Damon noticed in a Victorian painting at Penrhyn Castle in Wales. The song features the local Cr y Penrhyn (The Penrhyn Male Choir).
  • The album's cover artwork features the British actor Michael Redgrave. The original image was shot during the making of the film Dead of Night (1945).
  • Merrie Land was the first release from the newly founded record label, Studio 13.
  • Total running time: 37:28

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