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Interview Disc
Parlophone/EMI/Honest Jon's


Released: December 2006 (?)
Format: CD Promo
Cat. No.: 0946 384215 2 8
Approx. Value: unknown

Interview conducted by Steve Lamacq. Produced for Parlophone by Tony Hale and Kevin McCabe.



  01. So, even before The Good, The Bad & The
 Queen was so much as a twinkle in your eye,
 Damon, you went to Nigeria to make an
 album. What happened to that?
  02. Having had that setback, fill us in on the GBQ
  03. Some at least of this album has a distinct
 West London feel to it. When did you decide
 that you wanted to write about London?
  04. What kind of music on this CD, then, and
 what kind of band is it?
  05. Compared to the last Damon Albarn project
 (Gorillaz), a stripped back sound...and lineup.
  06. So, Paul Simonon, having played bass with
 The Clash, were you comfortable in this
 project, with what you were down to play?
  07. You have Brian Burton, Danger Mouse (prod
 Gorillaz/Gnarls Barkley), on production duties.
 Good move?
  08. OK, boys, round the table. Which was your
 Best Bit?
  09. Damon, your views of the world is sometimes
 a bit, well, pessimistic. The two (imaginary)
 worlds of the philosopher J S Mill are Utopia,
 where everything is as right as it can be; and
 Dystopia, where everything is as wrong as it
 can be. Is your vision of our world that it's
  10. Now for the Track by Track analysis. Track 1 is
 History Song. Whose history?
  11. 80s Life is the second song. What, Damon, or
 perhaps who is that all about?
  12. Next, Northern Whale. A real whale?
  13. Kingdom of Doom is track 4. Simon, did you
 enjoy playing that one.
  14. Herculean is track 5. That word usually means
 'enormous', or can describe a very difficult
 task. Damon?
  15. Behind the Sun, track 6, seems to have a
 feeling of the late 70s, maybe early 80s, the
 time of politically inspired music - an echo of
 Ghost Town by The Specials here?
  16. We move on to Bunting Song. A song about
 flags and ribbons?
  17. When I first heard Nature Springs, I was led to
 think about us being serfs, or slaves. IS that
 what it's about?
  18. Somehow it doesn't altogether come as a
 surprise to find a track called A Soldier's Tale.
 Damon, could that soldier possible be serving
 in Iraq or Afganistan?
  19. Simon Tong again. The next song is called 3
 Changes. Why?
  20. The next track, Green Fields, has a
 fascinating story attached to it...
  21. So, the last track is the song that's the band's
 name. Nobody's left out really, when you
 include The Good, The Bad.....& The Queen?
 And if Utopia is the Promised Land, then
 presumably, when that promise was broken,
 what was delivered was Dystopia?

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