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The Good, The Bad & The Queen

CD cover
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Released: 22 January 2007

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Highest UK Chart Position: 2

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CD Cat. No. 373 0672
Ltd CD+DVD 381 9452
Ltd CD+DVD NTSC region free 381 9502 *
Vinyl 373 0671
Vinyl Promo 384 2151

US CD 0946 3 73067 2 7
US Ltd CD+DVD 0946 3 81950 2 3
US CD Promo unknown

Asian Countries
Japanese CD TOCP-66649
Taiwanese CD
00946 385479 21
Indonesian Cassette

Other Countries & Formats
Australian/New Zealand CD
iTunes delux version

* Shipped to the USA.

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone/EMI/Honest Jon's
US: Virgin Records
Japan: Toshiba/EMI Records Japan
EMI Records Taiwan
EMI Records Indonesia
Australia/NZ: Capitol/EMI Records


   01. History Song
   02. 80's Life
   03. Northern Whale
   04. Kingdom Of Doom
   05. Herculean
   06. Behind The Sun
   07. The Bunting Song
   08. Nature Springs
   09. A Soldier's Tale
   10. Three Changes
   11. Green Fields
   12. The Good, The Bad & The

Bonus DVD contains:

Live at The Tabernacle, 23 Oct 2006:

   1. Nature Springs
   2. The Bunting Song
   3. The Good, The Bad & The Queen

Rehearsal footage of "A Soldier's Tale"

* Extra track in the Japanese version is "Back In The Day".

* Vinyl edition comes with a poster of the band.

* iTunes delux version includes a special booklet designed around a map of London, lyrics and artwork.

* Vinyl Promo is limited to 400 copies.

Liner notes
Credits inside the album booklet.


  • The origins of the album come from the 2004's Nigeria sessions with Tony Allen, Simon Tong and local musicians. Back in England, this Afrocentric material "felt too big" for Damon's original intentions and was simplified into more traditional songs with Paul Simonon and Danger Mouse.
  • The album was the first EMI album released as a DRM-free download.
  • "Behind The Sun" was first performed by Damon at Keeping It Peel concert in 2004. The song wasn't finished back then.
  • "Three Changes" is based on three different songs mixed together by Danger Mouse.
  • "Green Fields" has been described by Damon as "a song that came back to me". As the song's lyrics say, he first demoed it for Marianne Faithfull "years ago, late at night, somewhere on the Goldhawk Road".
  • Total running time (UK ver.): 43:00

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