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The Nearer The Fountain,
More Pure The Stream Flows
Covers for different versions

To be released: 12 November 2021


CD Cat. No. TRANS551CD
CD "Amazon Exclusive Edition" unknown
Vinyl TRANS551X
Ltd White Vinyl TRANS551XC
Ltd White Vinyl + 7" "Deluxe"
Cassette TRANS551T
Vinyl Test Pressing

Asian Countries
Japanese CD TRANS551CDJ

Other Countries & Formats

Record label:

Transgressive Records


   01. The Nearer The Fountain,
 More Pure The Stream Flows
   02. The Cormorant
   03. Royal Morning Blue
   04. Combustion
   05. Daft Wader
   06. Darkness To Light
   07. Esja
   08. The Tower Of Montevideo
   09. Giraffe Trumpet Sea
   10. Polaris
   11. Particles

* Japanese version includes a bonus track (TBA).

* "Deluxe" vinyl edition (called "Super Deluxe" at some stores) comes in a 32-page hardback book featuring photography, lyrics and drawings. It also includes a 7" vinyl with an exclusive song.

* Signed black vinyls were available from recordstore.co.uk.

* Vinyl Test Pressing was exclusive to Damon's official music store and limited to 30 copies.

* "Deluxe" vinyl edition and Vinyl Test Pressing include a code for album download (WAV / FLAC).

* Pre-order bonuses: Flexi disc with Damon reading the poem "Love and Memory" is available with "Deluxe" and Ltd White Vinyl editions from certain indie stores; Sheet music for "Royal Morning Blue" is included with all vinyl editions purchased from Rough Trade UK; A competition to win a signed guitar was arranged by HMV (no purchase necessary).

Additional releases:

* Singles:
 The Nearer The Fountain ...
 Royal Morning Blue

Liner notes

Credits in the album booklet.

  • The album is based on an orchestral piece Damon composed in Iceland in 2019. The songs got their final shape in England early this year.
  • According to the press release, the album "explores themes of fragility, loss, emergence and rebirth". Damon says: "I have been on my own dark journey while making this record and it led me to believe that a pure source might still exist."
  • The title comes from a John Clare poem, "Love and Memory".
  • The rock in the cover is located at Great Mattiscombe Sand in Devon (thanks to lumaka for this travel tip!).
  • "Particles" was inspired by a chance conversation between Damon and a fellow passenger on a plane to Reykjavík. The pair talked about the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic and acknowledged that the peace always prevails in the end.
  • Total running time: 40 mins

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