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Dr Dee

The soundtrack of Dr Dee opera.

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Released: 7 May 2012

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Highest UK Chart Position: 42


CD Cat. No. P953 8932
Vinyl Cat. No. P953 8931
CD-R Promo none

Other Countries & Formats
US CD unknown
US Vinyl unknown
Japanese CD TOCP-71296
HD Download (from 2016)

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone/EMI Records
US: Virgin Records
Japan: EMI Music Japan


   01. The Golden Dawn
   02. Apple Carts
   03. O Spirit, Animate Us
   04. The Moon Exalted
   05. A Man Of England
   06. Saturn
   07. Coronation
   08. The Marvelous Dream
   09. A Prayer
   10. Edward Kelley
   11. Preparation
   12. 9 Point Star
   13. Temptation Comes In The
   14. Watching The Fire That
 Waltzed Away
   15. Moon (Interlude)
   16. Cathedrals
   17. Tree Of Beauty
   18. The Dancing King

* iTunes version includes the video of Damon recording "The Dancing King"  and a digital booklet. The video is available in some iTunes Stores only.

50 signed copies of CD could be won via recordstore.co.uk.

Additional releases:

* The Marvelous Dream single

Liner notes
Credits inside the album booklet.

  • The album was marketed by Parlophone as "a Damon Albarn solo album" rather than the opera soundtrack.
  • The full album was listenable as a free stream on the websites of NPR and The Guardian a few weeks before the release. Also, people who registered to the official Damon Albarn mailing list got to download the free MP3 of "The Dancing King".
  • Different mixes of some of the tracks were played on Steve Lamacq's show in November 2011 and on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone in April 2012.
  • Total running time: 48:13

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