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Parklive liner notes (for Ltd 4CD+DVD)

Damon Albarn
Graham Coxon
Alex James
Dave Rowntree

Special Guest: Phil Daniels
Tea Lady: Mrs Harry Enfield
Keys: Mike Smith
Oud Player: Khyam Allami
Brass Section: Dan Carpenter, Alistair White, Barnaby Dickinson
Backing Vocals: Wayne Hernandez, Wendi Rose, Janet Ramus, Tyrone Henry
Eleven Management: Niamh Byrne, Régine Moylett, Tanyel Vahdettin, Suzi Grossman
RMP: Brídín Murphy-Mitchell
Tour Manager: Craig Duffy
Production Manager: Ian Calder
Production Assistant: Stephanie Thompson
Front Of House Sound: Matt Butcher
Stage Sound: Dave Guerin
Drum/Keys Tech & Musical Advisor: Stuart Lowbridge
Guitar Tech: Jason Wardman
Stage Tech: Adam Draper
Bass & Sax Tech: Alex McCartan
Lighting Designer: Dave Byars
Show Designer: Vince Foster
Set Designer: Kirsty Durman
Security: Darren 'Smoggy' Evans
Band Trucking: Becky Swann

Hyde Park
Recorded & Mixed by Will Shapland & Matt Butcher.

Technical Engineers: Matt Wood, Necker, Dan Fisher & Will Taylor.
Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios.

Wolverhampton Civic Hall

by Will Shapland, Necker, Matt Wood, Dan Fisher & Will Taylor.
Mixed by
Will Shapland & Matt Butcher.
Mastered by Geoff Pesche & Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.

100 Club

by Helen Atkinson, Hugh Walker & David 'Skippi' Loudoun for DMZ Live.
Mixed by Will Shapland & Matt Butcher.
Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios.
Performance taken from Converse Represent series in Summer 2012. With special thanks to Converse and Cornerstone Agency: Geoff Cotrill, Richard Copcutt, Cheryl Calegari, Denise Kutzer. Cornerstone Agency: Jon Cohen, Rob Stone, Patrick Schmidt, Ollie Oshodi, Erika Thomas, David Passey.

Abbey Road Live Here Now are: Noggin & MJ, Chris Phelps, Dina Mystris & Dan Hardingham.
Abbey Road Live Here Now would like to thank: Niamh, Régine, Suzi & all at Eleven Management, Matt Butcher, Craig Duffy, Ian Calder, Dave Guerin, Brídín Murphy-Mitchell at RMP, Linda Brownlee, Steve Homer, Chris O'Donnell, Rob Owen, Alex Eden-Smith, Chris Maj, Nickie Owen, Shantelle David, Scott Minshall, Richard at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Jeff Horton & Chloe G from The 100 Club, Michael Lopatis, Kevin Mott, Greg Barden at Delga, Kate Sinden, Charlie, Finn, Niamh, Jane & Jack and Absolute Radio.

Parklive DVD
Producer: Charlotte Barrymore.
Director: Matthew Amos.
Executive Producers for Live Nation: Mike Kaufman & Chris O'Donnell.
Executive Producers for EMI: William Nichols & Stefan Demetriou.
Audio Recorded & Mixed by: Will Shapland & Matt Butcher.
Technical Engineers: Matt Wood, Necker, Dan Fisher & Will Taylor.
Mastering Engineers: Geoff Pesche & Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios.

DVD Extras:
Under The Westway: Pulse Films & David Lopez-Edwards.
The Puritan & Under The Westway Live Videos: Directed by Giorgio Testi.
Under The Westway Lyric Video: Scott Minshall & Nick Duggins.
The Puritan Lyric Video: Alan Gillett & Simone Ghilardotti.

DVD technical info:

Approx. running time: 147 mins (with extras)
Picture format: 16:9
Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCM Stereo
Classification: E

Artwork designed by Scott Minshall.
Blur poster artwork by Stylorouge / Mel Ramos.
Photography by Linda Brownlee (Hyde Park), Danny North & Rachael Wright (100 Club), Noggin & MJ (Pages 60-61 & Back Cover).
Foreword by Alex James.

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