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Modern Life Is Rubbish

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Released: 10 May 1993

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Highest UK Chart Position: 15

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CD Cat. No. FOODCD 9 / CDP 7894422
Cassette FOODTC 9
Vinyl CFOODLP 9 (30*)
Cassette Promo unknown

US CD 89442-2
US Cassette 89442-4
US CD Promo DPRO-89442
US Cassette Promo 4PRO-89442

Asian Countries
Japanese CD TOCP-7743
Japanese reissued CD TOCP-3307 (1)
Japanese reissued SHM-CD WPCR-15428 (2)
Korean CD EKPD-0596
Korean Cassette EKPC-0596

Other Countries & Formats
French Double CD "Fun Radio" 89949-2
Double CD "2CD Originals" 5920022
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HD Download (from 2014)

*Approx. value

Record labels:

UK: Food/EMI Records
US: SBK Records
Japan: Toshiba/EMI Records Japan
Japan reissue
(2): Warner Music Japan
Korea: EMI Records Korea


   01. For Tomorrow
   02. Advert
   03. Colin Zeal
   04. Pressure On Julian
   05. Starshaped
   06. Blue Jeans
   07. Chemical World
   08. Sunday Sunday
   09. Oily Water
   10. Miss America
   11. Villa Rosie
   12. Coping
   13. Turn It Up
   14. Resigned
 Commercial Break

* Extra tracks in the US release are "Popscene", "Peach" (CD only) and "When The Cows Come Home" (CD only). It has also "Intermission" and "Commercial Break" on separate tracks and the demo of "Chemical World" instead of the finished song.

* Extra tracks in the Japanese version are "Young & Lovely" and "Popscene".  reissued SHM-CD (2) comes in a mini-LP sleeve and includes the extra tracks "Popscene", "Beachcoma" and "Young & Lovely".

* French Double CD ("Fun Radio") is packaged with the UK version of Leisure.

* Double CD ("2CD Originals") contains Parklife album.

Liner notes
Credits inside the album booklet.

Please note: For info on 2012's "Special Edition", see Blur 21.


  • The title Modern Life Is Rubbish comes from little graffiti written on a wall on Bayswater Road in West London near Marble Arch. Don't bother looking for it as it's been painted over.
  • Other considered titles for the album were England vs. America and British Image 1.
  • "Turn It Up" is this album's "Bang" - the band hates it most. It was included on the album because David Balfe thought it was the only song which would do well in America.
  • The painting of the steam engine Mallard in the cover, is meant to represent British tradition. It is painted by Paul Gribble.
  • The very early version of the band's second album was planned for the spring 1992 release and included the following songs: "Oily Water", "Mace", "Badgeman Brown", "Popscene", "Resigned", "Garden Central", "Hanging Over", "Into Another", "Peach", "Bone Bag", "Never Clever", "Coping", "My Ark" and "Pressure On Julian".
  • Total running time (UK ver.): 58:57

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