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The Great Escape

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Released: 11 September 1995

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Highest UK Chart Position: 1

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CD Cat. No. FOODCD 14
Cassette FOODTC 14
Vinyl CFOODLP 14 (£25*)
Cassette Promo unknown

US CD 40855-2
US Cassette 40855-4

Asian Countries
Japanese CD TOCP-8633
Japanese CD Reissue TOCP-65992
Japanese CD Reissue TOCP-53318
Japanese CD Reissue TOCP-53574
Japanese SHM-CD WPCR-15430
Korean CD EKPD-0473
Korean Cassette EKPC-0473
Taiwanese Cassette 724383523542

Other Countries & Formats
French CD 7243 8 35349 2
Ltd 25th Anniversary Blue/White
   Split Colored Double Vinyl unknown
Download (from 2005)
HD Download (from 2015?)

* Approx. value

Record labels:

UK: Food / EMI Records
US: Virgin Records
Japan: Toshiba / EMI Records Japan
Japan SHM-CD
: Warner Music Japan
Korea: EMI Records Korea
Taiwan: EMI Records Taiwan
France: EMI Records France

Ltd 25th Anniversary Blue/White Split Colored Double Vinyl: Parlophone / Warner Music


   01. Stereotypes
   02. Country House
   03. Best Days
   04. Charmless Man
   05. Fade Away
   06. Top Man
   07. The Universal
   08. Mr. Robinson's Quango
   09. He Thought Of Cars
   10. It Could Be You
   11. Ernold Same
   12. Globe Alone
   13. Dan Abnormal
   14. Entertain Me
   15. Yuko & Hiro

* Bonus tracks in the Japanese release are "Ultranol" and "No Monsters In Me".

* French version includes "To The End (With Françoise Hardy)" as a bonus track.

* Japanese CD Reissue (TOCP-65992) and SHM-CD come in a mini-LP sleeve. SHM-CD includes the extra tracks "No Monsters In Me", "Tame" and "St. Louis".

* Ltd 25th Anniversary vinyl, released in November 2020, is exclusive to the official Blur webstore.

Liner notes

Credits in the album booklet.


Blur as a sales team
Blur as 'a sales team' on the album's back cover. Years later, a fan told that this picture was used to advertise glasses in Asia!

Please note: For info on 2012's "Special Edition", see Blur 21.


  • "Stereotypes" was debuted at a secret gig at the Dublin Castle in May 1995. Back then, it was considered for the first single, but another song ("Country House") got a bigger reaction from fans.
  • The "Quango" mentioned in "Mr. Robinson's Quango" stands for Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation. It was the first song recorded for the album.
  • "It Could Be You", the last song recorded for the album, was originally written about Winston Churchill.
  • The narrator in "Ernold Same" is Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London.
  • "Dan Abnormal" is about an over-zealous fan. The title is Damon's anagramic pseudonym.
  • Total running time (UK ver.): 57:03

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