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About Discography

Artwork from The Special Collectors EditionWelcome to the most comprehensive independent Blur discography online. This discography tries to list every Blur and related release known to man. After nearly 20 years of researching, this job is not quite yet finished.

Various trusted online music shops such as eil.com have been very helpful in collecting info on the releases. Also, many brilliant late Blur fan sites such as BlurPoint and The Blurry Site have been great information sources. If you have acquired any releases or cover artwork not found on this site, please contact Veikko.

Please note

  • The core discography only lists releases that are officially released by Blur's record label such as Warner Music, EMI and Virgin Records. You can find unofficial releases (for example, unauthorised live recordings and bootleg remixes) on the Bootlegs section.
  • The approximate record values have been taken from the July 2012 issue of Record Collector and Blur Rare Record & CD Price Guide by Kenneth Drury (the old edition from 2006 is used, because the last update from 2009 has inexplicable drops in prices). Gorillaz' record values have been taken from the August 2010 issue of Record Collector.
  • Some releases manufactured in different territories may have identical catalogue numbers. This is normal with Warner Music and EMI releases.

What is not included?

  • Test pressings and Acetates unless they've been given away as promos and also include exclusive track(s).
  • CD-R promos unless they're the only official promos for the release in that region or have a very unique feature.
  • Compilation albums that feature contribution tracks. For example, if Kano's "Feel Free (feat. Damon)" is included on Now That's What I Call Music XX, it is not listed on Damon's Compilation/Other Appearances. This does not concern the live versions though.
  • Covers or mash-up tracks, with the exception of a few remarkable releases such as Pianoman's "Blurred", Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's "The Universal" and Rockabye Baby!'s Lullaby Renditions of Blur. Please note that the songs listed in the Karaoke section may naturally be cover versions. :-)

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